About Claire Keatinge

About Claire Keatinge

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Older people campaigned for the creation of a Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland and in November 2011, Claire Keatinge was the first person appointed to the role.

Prior to her appointment as Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland, Claire was Director of the Alzheimer's Society in Northern Ireland and was responsible and accountable for services, external affairs and promoting the rights of people with dementia. Claire is also a previous Director (Community Development and Health) for Age Concern in Northern Ireland and was responsible for leading health promotion and public health work with older people through community development.

In her role as Commissioner for Older People, Claire champions the rights and interests of older people throughout Northern Ireland and speaks with a strong voice on the positive contribution older people make to our society, and on the issues and problems they face.

Her vision is that "Northern Ireland is a great place to age" and her mission is "To be an authoritative and independent champion who safeguards and promotes the interests of older people."

The Commissioner wants to see:

• Better involvement of older people in all aspects of civic, community and public life,
• Older people having adequate standards of living,
• Real safety at home and in the community,
• Decent, affordable and flexible housing,
• Health and social care services that are high quality and person-centred,
• Public transport that maximises independence and choice,
• Equality and fair treatment,
• Protection from age discrimination,
• Protection from abuse

The Commissioner has developed priorities for action to focus her work, and these are based on what older people, and those who work with them, say matter most to them. These priorities for action are detailed in the Corporate Plan 2013-2015 'Hope, Confidence and Certainty'.